Wadax will be exhibiting the new Atlantis Digital Line in High-End Munich 2018, including the new MQA module for Atlantis DAC.

A well-known Spanish lifestyle magazine gave Wadax the opportunity to share the origins and track record of the company.

After more than 30 years of R&D, Wadax's products have found their place in the industry.

The motivation existing behind such an ambitious, vocational and successful business project is the main focus of the article.

At this year's Munich show, Wadax announced an MQA module for Atlantis DAC. We are pleased to confirm its availability and impressive performance improvement over the already stellar performance of Atlantis DAC. Atlantis Server also receives a new firmware, based in Roon, to manage MQA files and integrate Tidal services too. MQA is a very exciting new format / coding technology that Wadax is adopting into all its existing.. and coming products. 

For the 5th year, AudioExotics, our dear Hong Kong distributor held its annual SuperShow at the Hong Kong Convention Center. By far it is the World's largest 2-day audio event that moves such giant products and aligns the physical presence of manufacturers and extremely exotic audio products. The full Atlantis Digital Line was introduced in Asia.

Atlantis Transport was introduced at the Munich Show and has quickly become our most successful product introduction ever. Already backordered, this Masterpiece is quickly catching the attention from those that want to explore new limits in optical media playback. 

The news on Atlantis Transport is the new firmware release 1.1.0 with a first wave of industry firsts in this kind of product: a 3-axis Vibration meter, a 2-axis inclinometer and a DSD native ripper directly into a pendrive. 

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