Back at the beginning of last year he concluded that:

"Digital replay has never sounded so good. Most of it still doesn’t.”

You can enjoy the full review here     

Read Robert Harley’s announcement here.

"So you’d also better believe that, pretty much from the first notes I heard it play, this DAC and its matching transport totally floored me.”

“The Wadax Reference DAC is not only the best-sounding DAC I’ve heard, it’s the best sounding by a significant margin.”

So wrote Editor Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, January 2021 - right before he gave the Reference DAC the overall Product Of The Year Award for 2020.

Read his full review here.

2019 started with honours for Wadax

Atlantis will be demonstrated at the coming Salon Haute Fidelite in Paris. Mr.Gourdain will be pleased to arrange a demo for you.

The prestigious Hauté Fidelité magazine from France reviewed Atlantis Transport in the October 2018 issue.

Marketing news: Latest Two New Reviews from China

Wadax distributor in Mainland China, Purist Audio, displayed the full Atlantis line in different systems at the Guangzhou Show.

A very special event took place in Guangzhou. It’s very rare to see super systems of this kind in action and in such large venues. A full Atlantis set plus a setup of AvantGarde Trio speaker in a triple bass horn configuration.

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