Transport launch – new firmware extra features

Atlantis Transport was introduced at the Munich Show and has quickly become our most successful product introduction ever. Already backordered, this Masterpiece is quickly catching the attention from those that want to explore new limits in optical media playback. 

The news on Atlantis Transport is the new firmware release 1.1.0 with a first wave of industry firsts in this kind of product: a 3-axis Vibration meter, a 2-axis inclinometer and a DSD native ripper directly into a pendrive. 

The 3-Axis Vibration analyzer displays vibration level on X,Y,Z axis. This info can be very helpful for those of you that want to get the best performance and fine tune his Rack placement/setup or try the improvements done by the different vibration products in the market like dampers, isolators, etc. The 2-axis inclinometer is also useful for leveling during setup. And the DSD native ripper is an Industry first, intended for qualified advanced users interested in research and the utmost fine-tuning. Ripping is done to a pendrive inserted at the back of the Transport and a file per track is written to it in '.dsf' format. This feature is not available as part of the standard feature set and a special service code must be entered to enable this unique functionality in the industry.

For convenience, this new firmware 1.1.0 can be automatically downloaded to the Atlantis Transport remotely if the unit is connected to the Internet.