Wadax at Hong Kong Show 2018 – Theater2

Wadax was present this year at the world famous Hong Kong Show, organized by Audiotechnique. Wadax was in Theater 2, but this time in a different format: we were honoured to be chosen as the reference digital music equipment for live music. Theater 2 is dedicated to live music playback. Famous Hong Kong singers give their performance, in a hall that can handle more than 400 seats. In such a venue, a gigantic custom speaker, made by Cessaro, provides the voice to the system. The purpose of this setup is to demonstrate the live music rendering capabilities of Atlantis Digital technology and to provide a tool for the singers to play their own discs to the audience.

Long queues were seen throughout all day sessions. The ‘sold out’ sign, was permanently placed. The famous Hong Kong singer Lilly Chen attracted big crowds. It was our honour to see Lilly using the Atlantis set for her performance.




The Hong Kong Show took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on 13th, 14th and 15th of August.