Wadax Reference DAC and Server head the TAS Editor's Choice Listings

We are proud to announce that once again, the Reference DAC, Reference Server and Akasa Optical Interface have been included in the TAS Editors' Choice listing. The accompanying descriptions say it all:

"The sonic result is like nothing that RH (TAS Editor, Robert Harley) has heard from digital; the Reference DAC has tremendous dimensionality, stunningly realistic timbral rendering, exceptional transient performance, and an overall presentation that is, by a significant margin, the state of the art in digital... RH's reference."

"...the Wadax Reference Server is priced unlike other music servers. But it also sounds unlike other servers. When connected to the Wadax Reference DAC through the proprietary Akasa interface, the combination takes digital playback into uncharted territory... A breakthrough in digital replay, and RH's reference."

It's easy to name your product Reference. When the most important and experienced reviewers on the planet agree with you; that's when the term actually starts to mean what it says.

Wadax: Reference by name, Reference by nature.