The introduction of the Atlantis series, with its improved circuitry, sophisticated power supply topology and isolated, separate chassis construction takes the unique technology and proven performance of the WADAX Pre 1 to a completely new level. But, it takes it to a new price level as well, meaning that Atlantis will only ever be for a fortunate few.

With that in mind, WADAX has been working on incorporating the same overall system concept, digital decoding and power supply technology into a more affordable design – the Arcadia DAC. Using a similar but, slim-line chassis construction, the products will dispense with expensive elements such as the touch-screen displays and real-time AC monitoring of the full-line Atlantis products, to produce dramatically more cost effective iterations of the Wadax technological concept, yet with performance that can still challenge the very best.

• Single Chassis, constrained layer construction.

• Same unique, feed-forward error correction MusIC 2 technology and D-to-A chipset as Atlantis DAC.

• USB, Toslink, S/PDIF RCA, S/PDIF BNC and AES/EBU inputs.

• Native replay of DSD files (no sample-rate or coding conversion).

• Massive, ultra quiet power supply based on Atlantis topology.

• Balanced and single-ended outputs.

• MQA compatible.

• Remote support capability through Internet.


Power consumption ON/Stand-by: 50W/<7W

USB (32-384KHz, 16-24-32 bits, DSD64, DSD128, MQA*)
SPDIF RCA (32-192KHz)
SPDIF BNC(32-192KHz)
Native Wadax Link (reserved for future use)

Max output voltage RCA/XLR per leg: 1V / 2V / 4Vrms

Weight: 18Kg / 40Lbs.
Dimensions: 483mm / 19,01 inches (Width) x 100mm / 3,93 inches (Height) x 344mm /13,54 inches (Depth).
Power: 100V/110V/220V, switchable.
Service ports: Ethernet and USB.