MQA module for Atlantis DAC

At this year's Munich show, Wadax announced an MQA module for Atlantis DAC. We are pleased to confirm its availability and impressive performance improvement over the already stellar performance of Atlantis DAC. Atlantis Server also receives a new firmware, based in Roon, to manage MQA files and integrate Tidal services too. MQA is a very exciting new format / coding technology that Wadax is adopting into all its existing.. and coming products. 

During Audioexotics SuperShow in July in Hong Kong, a very interesting session was held. The focus was to do an A-B of MQA vs Non-MQA of the same track. This demo has been the first A-B public session like this in Asia. Javier Guadalajara, CEO of Wadax conducted the session and answered to the different questions that arised from the audience. The 1h session was perceived as too short, based on the interest and feedback from attendees. We promise to arrange a more extended one next time!...  The result was unanimous: MQA tracks are so much better than regular, non-MQA ones. 

Congratulations to MQA for bringing such an advancement for the enjoyment of music lovers and audiophiles. MQA certainly brings us closer to the real thing, which is the only parameter that matters to Wadax.