AKASA Reference DC Cables and Reference Power Supply win TAS Product of The Year Award

We're proud to announce that Robert Harley at The Absolute Sound has given the Reference PSU and AKASA Reference DC cables a Product Of the Year award - meaning that the latest components in the Wadax Reference Eco-system join the Reference Server, Reference DAC and AKASA Optical Interface as TAS POY winners!

Amongst his conclusions:

“…what I heard after replacing the stock DC cables with the AKASA Reference DC cables was nothing short of astonishing. 

The Ultimate Sessions event on film.


We are proud to announce that once again, the Reference DAC, Reference Server and Akasa Optical Interface have been included in the TAS Editors' Choice listing. The accompanying descriptions say it all:

"The sonic result is like nothing that RH (TAS Editor, Robert Harley) has heard from digital; the Reference DAC has tremendous dimensionality, stunningly realistic timbral rendering, exceptional transient performance, and an overall presentation that is, by a significant margin, the state of the art in digital... RH's reference."

"If you own a Reference DAC then the Reference DC leads are a no-brainer. If you own the Server as well, then the Reference Power Supply is equally compelling” Roy Gregory, Gy8.eu

Roy Gregory of Gy8 follows up his Wadax Reference DAC review with comprehensive coverage of the Reference Server, its new, dedicated Power Supply and the Akasa Reference DC cables, for both the DAC and Server/PSU.

Javier Guadalajara interviewed about what makes the Reference Server quite so special

US Wadax dealer Bending Wave won one of David Robinson's (Positive Feedback) Audio Oasis awards for their room/system at the Pacific Audio Fest 2022. Fronting the system? The WADAX Reference components, winning more show plaudits for their remarkable musical performance. 

Robert Harley’s long-awaited review of the Reference Server is finally out – and it was well worth the wait!


Issue 326 of The Absolute Sound carries Robert Harley’s review of the Wadax Reference Server, used alongside the Reference DAC. His verdict:


"The Wadax, more than any other digital front end I’ve heard, achieves the perfect balance between these extremes. It has an unmatched beauty and liquidity of timbre, yet is highly detailed, vibrant, open, and extended in the treble."



The Absolute Sound has published it's 2022 Editors' Choice Awards and we are pleased to announce that WADAX has won three! The Reference DAC, Reference Server and Atlantis Server were all honoured.

You can read the full awards text here.

“An Unrivalled Beast - the WADAX Atlantis Reference DAC -

Lincoln Cheng, Executive Editor, AudioTechnique, Hong Kong.

“Without doubt, this combo of Wadax transport + DAC is the best digital audio source in terms of acoustical performance and sound quality that I have listened to for decades as an audiophile and audio editor!”

Lincoln’s stunning review is now available in English - read on and enjoy!


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